23,670 of poorly insulated homes in the Stafford authority are paying £931 more in heating bills

5 Dec 2022

23,670 of poorly insulated homes in the Stafford authority are paying £931 more in heating bills

The Government's failure to insulate Britain's homes is leading to families in the Stafford authority paying over £931 more a year for their energy bills, research by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.

Analysis by the Liberal Democrats shows 23,670 homes across the Stafford authority have received poor energy efficiency ratings (EPC Bands D-G) since 2008.

These households pay an average of £931 more a year than those with a Band C rating. Meanwhile, those on the lowest energy efficiency ratings pay nearly £1,350 more a year.

It means that in total, households in poorly insulated homes in Stafford are set to pay an estimated £22,561,191.16 more in energy bills a year because the government has failed to bring them up to at least a Band C rating. The government's target is for all homes to be Band C or better by 2035.

Nationally, 13 million homes across the UK have poor energy efficiency ratings and the Conservatives' failure to upgrade homes leaves some households paying nearly £1,900 more than needed. The total cost due to the lack of insulation is an eye-watering £13 billion.

In some areas over four in five families are living in leaky homes. Stafford and Stone Liberal Democrats are calling for an emergency programme to insulate our homes, bringing down bills and improving energy security.

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Stone, Alec Sandiford said:

"This Government's failure to tackle our cold and leaky homes has piled misery on top of the cost of living crisis. It has left families in struggling to heat their homes and put food on the table.

"Now is the time for this new Conservative Prime Minister to make our homes warmer. If they don't, we are facing another energy crisis in the future.

"An emergency package of support is needed to fix Staffordshire's leaky homes and cut energy bills in the long term."

Full data on the number of poorly insulated homes (EPC Bands D-G) is available here, based on EPCs lodged between 2008-2021.

Analysis of statistics by the Liberal Democrats shows that homes that currently have a Band F EPC rating, which are often poorly insulated, are paying on average £1,900 more than those in the EPC band C. Full analysis is available here.

The Government's current target is for all homes to be of at least EPC Band C rating by 2035.

If a family remains in a Band F home until the Government's 2035 deadline, they will be paying on almost £17,546 more than those in Band C over the course of that period.